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Remember You bộ phim đầy đủ

Remember You bộ phim đầy đủ

A man calling himself Jin-young walks into a police station to report a missing person: himself. Starting at the end of the story, Jin-young is revealed to be be Suk-won, a lawyer suffering severe memory loss and a total change of character. Formerly ruthless and calculating, the amnesiac Suk-won is kind and gentle; completely unlike the man his colleagues want for the important trial of their highest billing client, Mrs. Kim. In order to appease his firm, Suk-won goes to see a psychiatrist. At the hospital he meets Jin-young, a skittish woman he is inexplicably drawn to even as she does her best to steer clear him. As Suk-won investigates both his own past and Mrs. Kim's case the tragic truth of his and Jin-young's enduring connection to each other is revealed, bringing Suk-won full circle in a story of loss and the pain of remembrance.

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